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2014.09.26 Written by Centre des Sureaux
ALso called "Helders Tree Organisation". It is Us. We are partner with Yo Yo . A first meeting end of 2012, and some common projects in international fields in projects and in human part: to learn to discover, to increase partnership.
"Sailing Democracy" is the project making oath in between the Ngos, the young, the values, the common acts, the willing to go further together.
And we also have learnt to listen our heart.
And you..what does your heart tell you?
rendez-vous in active future.
Hail the partnership alived!
2014.08.06 Written by cathy baccomo
I am not sure things will go in the right place... but the ones who never try never will know. I dare. We dared. 3 countries in an unknown place, a ship, The ship Fylla. ANd a place to build. with more than 35 people , all together, living with all their models, stereotypes, languages, ready for challenges, sure they have something to share, to be discovered, sure they have some common discussions, some common silence, some commun feelings to offer, to receive, some surprises to be shared, some to make discovered. SOme long term stories. Food. Nights. Stars. Moon. Sun.Songs. Voices. Words. Hugs. Never forget. As project officer, I would say that it is one of the most relevant projects I have ever being part of. Do you know why? because you have been there. So much things to learn. So much things to enjoy. So much things to offer. So much things to open. Never ended, never finished. As far as we can stay alived together. You know what??? I think I became a little bit Danish! And it is a nice feeling. August 2014